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Top 4 resources to find good networkingLooking for a different networking event?

Would you like to meet awesome people? Get more clients? Create opportunities?

Are you interested in learning more about your industry?


Today I will show you how to find great places to network in your area, or any new place you go to.

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners are trapped in the well-known networking or industry events.

It’s important to go to variety of events so you’ll be able to get yourself exposed to new people, clients, audience, and opportunities!

In many cities, there are innovative and interesting types of events and social gatherings,
where you can network and potentially meet people you are interested in. (more…)

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nspirationI’m sure you’ve experienced a similar scenario:

You know how you come back from a certain networking event or social gathering,

and your mind is so preoccupied with information, experiences, work and home tasks – you name it!

You let those business cards you’ve collected lay on the counter until you’ll contact those people you met sometime later on…

By the time you get to hold those business cards again,
you don’t always remember to match faces to names to people…. Ouch!

What if you could do three simple, quick steps
that have the power to create a good rapport and a stronger connection
right away with those new people you’ve met?

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How to build relationships using Compliments?Do you like giving compliments?

I bet you LOVE getting them!!
(I can see you smiling right now, ha ha! )

Most of us do…

Even when it comes from a stranger or someone you know briefly…

compliments usually flatter most people
and create a positive start for your conversation.

That is exactly why compliments are a great tool that connects people together! (more…)

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how to remember people's names-“How can I remember other people’s names?”
This is one of the most common questions people ask me!

So… I decided to give you a video crash course with winning methods to remember people’s names!

Do people find it easy to remember your name?
Please email back with your answer.

I have so many funny stories about people trying to remember my name,  as my name is only common in Israel.

One of the most memorable stories about my name  happened when I lived in Sydney, Australia. (more…)

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Find Out Who are the people  that can (1)

 Can you believe we’re in the middle of December 2014?

2015 is almost here, and as Oprah said,

“Another chance for us to get it right” is just around the corner…

A new year for me means new opportunities and success that can be achieved through our professional networks.

But who are the people we should maintain and strengthen our relationships with?

In order to get all the good that our network can give us, we should define the following:

Who are the important people in our network? How can we detect them and maintain relationships with them way before we need their help?


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How often do you refer people to others? What do you consider before you do so?

I love referring people to others, and I see it as a very important social practice—spreading knowledge, resources and abilities of trusted people to others!

The power of referrals is usually strong, and many people use it because of its halo effect: If I trust you I would assume your friends can be trusted as well.

But what happens when a friend “fails” and refers me to an untrustworthy or problematic person?
I am not sure I will immediately trust my friend’s referrals in the future.

Making connections between people should be something you think about before doing.

Nobody ever really teaches us how to do it.

This is why I prepared leading questions for you to answer and think about before you refer people to others! (more…)

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Sometimes, Timing – is -Everything!
When it comes to networking and meeting new people – acting fast is essential!

Networking of course is the practice of relationship building, this is why the first two days after meeting with someone new in most cases, are very crucial for the future of that given, possible relationship.

Learn how to maximise the power of momentum to benefit your networking efforts.
It’s easy to do, once you understand the “why” and the logic behind it!


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Have you read the book: “The Alchemist”, by Paulo Coelho?

The book tells the story of a young man who is looking for a big treasure. He travels the world, overcoming many challenges, to discover at the end that the treasure was next to his home, starting point, all along!

Our network of friends and acquaintances is similar- They are our own treasure box.

This is why we should know them better and keep in touch with those great people we like and can be here for us, same as we are here for them. (more…)

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Lirone GlikmanImagine how it feels, opening your mouth and no voice comes out of it! Nada!

My voice is gone… again!
Imagine how it feels, opening your mouth and no voice comes out of it! Nada!

You are trying to communicate with others, and all you get is pain in your throat. Meanwhile, people take pity on you and are trying desperately to understand what is it you are trying to say…

It happens to me every few years.

The first time was when I was 17 and worked at a regional radio station. It was right before the first time I got to host a full-length two-hour show!


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They say that -a stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet…

Breaking the ice is the first step to acquiring more acquaintances and friends.

Yes- it can be embarrassing to break the ice and it isn’t always easy for some people.
It can be truly intimidating to approach that big investor, client or mentor and start a conversation.

But it’s vital when we have goals we want to achieve!

In this article I reveal my Attractive & Interactive method to breaking the ice!


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Robert Kiyosaki wrote it very clearly in his book:
“My rich dad said, ‘You need to learn a little about a lot of things’.”  (Click To Tweet!)

As a networker you aim to connect to different professionals, clients, investors and more. Finding a common ground with others we meet, helps to from this initial connection and feeling of closeness between two people.

Since our life experiences and knowledge are still limited, we can’t know everything and relate to everybody, can we?


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quality contactsI am sure you are very familiar with this scenario:

Networking event- many people, suits, “nice to meet you”, business card, big laughs, “Hi I am John”, buffet, “Hello”, drink, “Do you have a pen?”  Business card, restroom, buffet again, smiling, business cards…

The next day you look at your new well-designed collection of business cards and you are still a little confused….

Networking events can be overwhelming and full on, but since you came there for a reason, then you are the one who needs to make sense to the disorder.


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I would like to share a personal story with you about my early days, when I didn’t know how to network that well:

Many years ago, when I started my career, I often found myself a little stressed when networking with others. I was insecure, yet wanted others to “discover me”. I was nervous and somewhat embarrassed.

This mental state of mind made me talk too much and not really think about what I was  saying… and this is where it can get a little “dangerous”.

When I met people for the first time, I often said things that portrayed me as a different person than who I really am…. It was hard to form the business relationships I wanted with them, as these were the people I felt most nervous with.


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2014 is here and this is the time to give thanks and remember all those amazing people surrounding us. The people that were here for us in the last year and those we want to strengthen our connection with in the new year.

You see, research shows that being grateful grounds us and enable us to celebrate the present and notice the good and positive things in our lives. Once we realise that we feel good and magnify the goodness we spread out! It also makes s treat those people we appreciate better and strengthens these relationships.

In this article we will focus on the groups of people that we can be grateful for:
1) Close family
2) Colleagues
3) Potential clients and mentors
4) Yourself! (more…)

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Row your business to successDo you remember the last time you went on a kayak or a little boat?

You sat in it, by yourself or with another partner; you took the oar in your hands
, and started rowing.

You dipped its right side in the water and pushed it back, and then you dipped the left side in the water and pushed harder, right, left, right, left, and so on.

Suddenly you started moving ahead! The safe land was getting farther and farther away from you as you kept on rowing.

When you looked straight ahead, all you saw was blue water and blue sky.

No clear path
, no certainty that the water will stay still and calm and the wind won’t start blowing harder and bring a storm with it.


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Mr. Ego lives in each and every one of us. He is most likely to show up when there is a disagreement with someone else, or when we are being criticised or disrespected by others and similar incidents. Then, Mr. Ego comes and shows who is ‘the boss’- who is right, who is stronger, who is smarter and who knows better!

Negative ego can destroy relationships, terminate deals and generally delay one’s personal and professional growth. This negative ego creates a separation between one person and the rest of the world.
There is a way to conquer the ego and I will reveal how:

1) Awareness- Be aware of yourself and notice when your ego shows up.
2) Think about it- Hold your horses and think through the facts again before you say something
3) Respond wisely-Answer in a way that connects you and doesn’t set you apart.


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Top Techniques to Stand Out in the Crowd when Business Networking

I am sure you will find the next question familiar:

“Hi, I’m Johnny, we met at the entrepreneurs’ convention last night.
Do you remember me?”

I can almost guarantee that either you have asked this question or been asked it in the past.

There are so many places to network out there that can bring lots of opportunities your way!

When you network with a new person, one of your goals is to stay memorable and stand out from the rest! (Click to Tweet It!)


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Here is a familiar scenario:

turn business card to business relationshipYou are at a networking event and you meet someone new. You are having a nice chat and in the “moment of truth” you swap business cards!  Voilà! You have a new member in your network! Not So…

Like you I am also the proud owner of hundreds of impressive and well designed business cards from many respectful people. The truth of the matter is- that’s all it is, a well designed piece of paper!
I’m sorry, but you better get the records straight under your head; the amount of business cards you carry does not affect the size of your network, in fact this piece of paper is useless, unless you use it right!

A business card is a mean to leave your contact information and stay evident. It’s a tool to use in order to build a relationship, but then again the card alone doesn’t worth anything. However, the actions taken upon it do!

Secret reveals – turning business card into relationship


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