lirone wine laughHi again,

Good to have you here….

sooo…. In my last email,
I told you what prevents
entrepreneurs and business owners from getting
their desired business results at networking events

and I shared practical ways to overcome these problems.

However after that – a new problem arose!

As we know, networking events / conventions / social gatherings
are places to meet with potential clients,
find business opportunities,
spread the word about your business,

The next step after meeting a potential person
is to cultivate a long-term, mutually beneficial fruitful relationship!

This is why “working” is a big part of the word “networking”!
This part is all about smart, constant communication
that builds trust and business results!

And I must add that this is where most people fail,
this preserving of a long-term relationship.

Do you know why?

You met someone, have been in touch, sent a couple of emails
and had one phone call. You even got to meet, and then…




It’s a waste of time, and energy, spent for what?!?
For not contacting any more?

The common problem you may face,
comes when you need help from someone you met but aren’t in touch with…

so it’s kind of weird and kind or awkward to burst out of
nowhere and ask for help, isn’t it?

Relationships have a certain order:
I look at relationships like a seed I’ve planted.

You first met- you planted a seed.
As you keep in touch, nourish and build the relationship,
the seed grow a stem and later on, flowers and bears tasty fruits!


My method-
How to cultivate long term relationship

I call it “the direct and indirect communication method
for nourishing and growing relationships”.

direct indirect
This method to cultivating relationships is based on two main fundamentals:

1) Being visible

(Indirect communication) Make sure to be seen around your network friends
so you’ll stay on their minds, and strengthen your relationship
with them over time through constant communication at
random online and offline interactions.

For example,
go to your industry events where your network friends may be.
Be active in online groups: like, share, comment.
This is how you keep yourself visible.


2) Genuinely care

(Direct communication) You care about the people you love, right?

This is the basic foundation of relationships.
Take this concept and execute it with less intensity to your
network friends and acquaintances, by showing you care on
different small matters.This is how good relationships are built.

For example:
You can communicate directly through phone calls,
emails, and text messages.

Show you care by asking about the person’s professional
and semi-personal lives, ask questions to show you find
interest in the person, send a useful article, a good introduction email,
surprise, help or give advice, ask how a topic you talked about is going, and so on….

This is how you communicate to build a relationship,
but the main rule I want to share with you here – and remember this –
It only works when it’s real!


Now that we solved that- there is a new problem!

How do I actually create synergy with all of these
networking steps and information???

>> How do I find the right customers for me?
>> How do I communicate in the best way and create trust
>> with a person who was a stranger two minutes ago?
>> How do I systemize my communication to build relationships
over time and make it part of my routine?

The big networking challenge

The big challenge for many people is how to combine all those skills
and network in a way that eventually builds connections smartly and
get results, and translate that into money and business needs.

In 2 days I will expose the
action plan
that will turn you into the king of networking
and help you get the skills
and tricks to do all of this smoothly, like a pro!

See you then,

I’m excited to share this with you!


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