Here is a familiar scenario:

turn business card to business relationshipYou are at a networking event and you meet someone new. You are having a nice chat and in the “moment of truth” you swap business cards!  Voilà! You have a new member in your network! Not So…

Like you I am also the proud owner of hundreds of impressive and well designed business cards from many respectful people. The truth of the matter is- that’s all it is, a well designed piece of paper!
I’m sorry, but you better get the records straight under your head; the amount of business cards you carry does not affect the size of your network, in fact this piece of paper is useless, unless you use it right!

A business card is a mean to leave your contact information and stay evident. It’s a tool to use in order to build a relationship, but then again the card alone doesn’t worth anything. However, the actions taken upon it do!

Secret reveals – turning business card into relationship


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6 Ways to stay updated in your industry's news!Being up-to-date with the latest information concerning your industry is invaluable! It’s simple and highly important for networkers to know what’s going on at all times; hear about business opportunities, learn interesting pieces of info about some of the ‘players’ in the market, hear about new developments, new products and more… Knowledge is power! All you have to do is dedicate a little time each day to collecting information that will strengthen your abilities in your field of expertise, and that’s exactly what networkers do regularly!

Did you know that many people are still under the impression that once they have finished their university studies, they don’t really have to continue studying or researching their area of expertise?
Friends- the world changes and develops so fast each day, month and year and whoever wants to succeed in their career and this game of life have to know the market as well as possible!
Remember, knowledge is not hard to come by and will positively affect your most important decisions!

Part of my daily routine consists of a half an hour each morning dedicated to locating new information and industry “tips”. I usually scan or skim through the articles, looking for titles that attract my attention. Then, I copy interesting links to my excel sheet in Google docs and it’s always there for me to go back and review. That’s how I stay updated; I’m able to pull out information whenever needed! It is best to make this activity a habit and combine it in your daily routine.

Know more-Network better!

Here are 6 available-to-all resources I use to stay updated:

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