The true power of common groundCommon ground connects people. I am sure you have experienced a situation where you met someone new and discovered that you share a mutual friend, were born in the same city, or perhaps share the same hobby. Then, suddenly, both of you felt a connection and at once felt more comfortable with one another.

I am always happy to discover that I share things in common with people I meet. I use the power of common ground as a tool to leverage the conversation.  I feel freer with this person and can allow myself to ask more questions. I am able to learn new things about the person and assist him or her by understanding what he or she might have to offer.

People are more likely to express themselves freely with someone familiar. In fact, people are easy to connect when they share a hobby, political views, ideas and share the same sub culture, religion, place of origin, language, etc.

The benefits of common ground

Networking philosophy gives an immense weight to “the power of common ground” as it serves as an “icebreaker” between people. (more…)

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4 Tips to using holiday greetings to retain your network  The best time of the year to retain your network is by no doubt the holiday season!

Christmas and New Year’s Eve usually spread special feelings all around. During this time of the year, people are more united and connected to their families along with values of love, gratitude, and appreciation.

Sending holiday greetings to your network is a great opportunity to remind the people you know of your friendship and to strengthen your relationships. The way to do it is by getting a bit more personal rather than professional and showing your network of people a different side of your personality they don’t get to see often.

So before you start spreading your holiday greeting cards to everyone you know… WAIT!
Networkers plan first and act second.
Make sure to plan your actions well so that your efforts will leverage your relationships with others.

Here are four useful tips to help you use holiday greetings to retain your network the best way:


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