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6 top tips to prepare yourself for any business networking event.
Follow these tips to find good contacts and opportunities!

1. Establish The Mindset Of A Networker

2. Be Knowledgeable Of The Event

3. Who Will Be There

4. Be Memorable

5. Prepare Your Introduction

6. Do Not Forget Your Business Cards

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תמונה2Business networking, why don’t we open it up and state what it’s really all about?

First, it is deceiving people you meet.

Second, it is being mean to people so you can promote your own career.

Third, making connections just to get to more powerful people and taking as much as you can from your connections!

Fourth, using as many people as needed to get to the top, and then laughing down on all of them!

You Know What I Mean, Right?

Along the years, I have met numerous people who are terrified by the idea of “Business Networking.”  They actually think the ideas I mentioned above are the real definition of networking.  Seriously, if those things were what we really did when we were networking, our careers would be pretty short-lived!


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Case Study: Reconnecting With Old Friends PostedHave you ever considered why reconnecting with friends from long ago is beneficial to networking?

Last month, I decided to go on a mission.
I set out three weeks to meet up with at least ten old friends. The criteria for the people I wanted to meet with were as follows:
1) Friends that I haven’t seen for at least two years
2) Friends that are involved in a related business world to mine or can assist me in my business goals in some way
3) Friends that I like and want to reconnect with

I have made a list of eighteen people to contact and scheduled a meeting with. I have met with twelve friends and was excited to see them again and learn about their lives today. As you can imagine, in these meetings there were so many things to talk about and to catch up on after so long.  It went very well!

Mission Results

My networking efforts were very rewarding; here are some of the missions’ insights:


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