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Valentine’s Day is a great time to spread the Love to our community and network while doing it! Learn how to do it effectively in the following step by step guide:

1. Target A Community In Need

2. Round Up Your Network

3. Pick A Charity Or An Organisation

4. Contact The Organisation You Choose

5. Date And Details

6. Contribute


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How To Create A "Go To Person" Reputation?We all have specific friends we turn to for advice or help in different areas of expertise and issues.  Some of them are helpful to us in our business lives, and some of them help us in our personal lives.

Do you ever wonder why you turn to some people over and over again, and choose them over another?

How have these people established a reputation of being a “Go To Person” and attract others for advice?

I have to admit that every now and again, friends and acquaintances turn to me for advice or ask for connections that may assist them. The conversation always starts with, “I am sure you know this and that”, or, “If someone knows people there, it has to be you”.
As much as I am flattered by it, I did manage to build a “Go To Person” reputation over the years, and I continue to nourish and maintain it regularly.

Why Being A “Go To Person” Is Good For Business Networking


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