Keep in touch to maintain your relationshipsImagine… the amazing feeling you’ll have when you’ll close that deal you’ve been working on for so long or this ‘winner’ feeling when you get the job of your dreams! Get exposed to a very useful inside info about your industry that will help you!

Try to really, truly feel how is it to be on your dream vacation, or feel the wind blowing in your hair driving down the road in your dream car, enjoying life to the fullest!

Yes – Networking can create all that and more in your life!
Networking is a set of tools that when used right, enables you to achieve your goals. The idea is to build an honest, mutual beneficial relationship with the prospect before you need him or her.


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Nowadays people learn about you and about your business from two different worlds, simultaneously; the Offline and the Online world.

There are Two main sources that build your “name” and reputation:
1. What you say and do
2. What others say about you

That means that in order to leave a good online impression for the long run, you have to follow these two basic rules of Online Reputation Management:
Monitor & Manage


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The Best Advice I Ever Got!

Posted on 3, Mar

The Best Advice I Ever GotRecently Linkedin published a mind-blowing project, “The Lessons (and People) That Changed the Top Minds in Business”, which canbe found–  here.
In this project Linkedin gathered top 70 business people, entrepreneurs and influential people who shared the best advice they got, that led them to their success.

In our everyday lives, while business networking or doing business and such we encounter all sorts of situations that we need to overcome. Sometimes a good advice from a friend or a successful role model can change the course of events for the best.

Thankfully, as business networkers our activity can provide us with great knowledge and many lessons, along with the right experts friends on our side, to advise us on a certain situation. Our networking activity also sharpens our interpersonal skills and general knowledge, and as a result we gain experience to advice others or even ourselves!

Reading what drove people I admire to their success definitely motivated me;


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