1176936_53019392What type of people do you enjoy spending time with? People who are grumpy, upset, self-concentrated, and sad? Or do you prefer happy, shiny people?

Tough call, isn’t it…??

Most people enjoy being around others who makes them feel good, laugh, and that are approachable and interesting, as they add value to the time spent together. These kind of people ‘shine’ and spread good vibes around, as they affect their surroundings positively.

That being said we should bear in mind that we are all human, and as such we all experience downs and falls, sadness and the like- it’s natural!

However as a networker that interacts with people, emphasizing positive and attractive traits will make you a real ‘people magnet,’ since it will assist you in making others find interest in you and by that build your relationships with them better and stronger!

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One thing that bonds us better and stronger with others is mutual positive experience. Whether it’s a romantic relationship, father – son bonding or business one- sharing an unusual experience together will connect you better!

When it comes to networking, creating a unique experience with someone can really accelerate your bonding with a colleague, potential client, competitor, fellow businessman and even a friend.

All you have to do is to invite one of your network friends for a meeting and make it a little different than the obvious. Spice up our meetings routine with only small adjustments that will change the atmosphere for the best.

Guidelines to creating ‘out of the box’ business meetings:
1) Choose an experience the other person would love in order to get closer
2) Choose activities that will help you learn about the other person
3) Be Spontaneous!

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How To Find A Connection To Someone You Don’t Know?Is there someone you want to reach and you are not sure how to get to?
Are you looking for a key investor, a big connector, or a corporate high manager? Someone that can help you reach your desired goal?

Quite often people ask me how to reach X person or industry key people that can help them grow their business and achieve their business goals.

Well, it’s all about applying these actions:
1) Planning your way
2) Using your existing connections
3) Utilizing given resources in the right way to find any mutual friend that can connect you to the targeted person.

In order to grow your business I’m sure you target industries, companies, managers, professionals and so on.  While you have your own important business reasons to locate someone, not everyone is easy to reach. Always remember it’s possible – it’s in your hands to reach anyone if you want it enough! I can’t guarantee it will be easy or fast but make a decision you will get the person and do whatever it takes.


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