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In our business networking activity, we get to meet many people. In order to enjoy other people’s resources and get them to help us, we have to start creating a relationship with these people.

These relationships should be mutually beneficial and based on trust and genuine care.
As we get to know the other person better, we can reveal how they can help us and how we can help them as well.

Our help is about what we can give that would be beneficial to the other person. The act of giving can come in many different ways, but it’s primarily about providing the other person with a value that he or she needs and wants.
So how do we know what people want and need?

1) Simply ask what they want

2) Tell how you can help

3) Research

4) Follow the person’s social media posts

5) Ask guiding questions

6) Really listen to what they say

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How to extend your network and attract more opportunitiesThink about it, social media is full of active people and whenever you “like” a comment you share this like with maybe 20 other people and your name is becoming just “another one in the crowd”.

If you want someone to appreciate your support and pay attention personally to you, this is a nice way but not the right way to do it…

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and more are filled with people that you may know better or less. You can strengthen these relationships through online interactions that may lead eventually to great opportunities in the offline world.

But how can you keep yourself in the minds of others you want to make friends with or strengthen your connection with? How can you become more noticeable by them? How can you attract these connections to be in touch with you in the real world?

It’s all about standing out using one main tactic: personalization!


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extend your network and attract opportunities!Let me ask you this:

– Do you want to get more clients coming to your business?

– Are looking for new stimulations?

– Would you like a better lifestyle?

– Did you ever feel like you are “stuck” where you are?

– Are you looking for a new job?

There is one answer that can lead you to anywhere you want to go: Create New Opportunities!

If you are reading these lines I am sure you are an ambitious person who has achieved things in life and has more goals to fulfil in the future.  As one you probably want more opportunities to keep fulfilling your life and business goals!


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Mindset“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t– you’re right.” –  Henry Ford   (Click 2 Tweet!)

Do you know what this inspiring quote is referring to? Mindset!

Our mindsets are of strong importance for us that we don’t always acknowledge but we always use.

Our self confidence is a mindset, our business success is a mindset; being sad, happy, persistent, and even wealth creation are all states of mind. Our live’s outcomes are a result of the state of mind we are in.

We have the ability to choose what state of mind to be in or to let our beliefs and “moods” choose for us. Our state of mind is affected by our mental image of ourselves, our body language and the attitude we want to convey to our surroundings.


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