The ultimate way to giveGiving is an action that can come in different amounts, sizes and shapes.

As a networker who wishes to form and maintain relationships, and of course as a human being, giving to others is a part of our lives.

Giving is something every person can do, no matter the amount of resources and power he or she has.

Most of all, giving in all its shapes is an action that is mutually beneficial, as both the receiver and the giver gain enjoyment from it! (Sometimes the giver enjoys even more!)



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Every time we meet with someone new at a networking event or any other random place, we secretly like to leave a good memorable impression.

Most people like the fact others remember who they are, find interest in them and also remember their names…

Our name is our identity, it represents who we are and it’s an interesting fact that most people we meet with, will remember many details about us like where we live, what we do for a living but won’t remember our names! Ouch!

This is exactly why I am sharing my personal techniques with you, so you will be able to help others remember your name better:


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