Top 4 resources to find good networkingLooking for a different networking event?

Would you like to meet awesome people? Get more clients? Create opportunities?

Are you interested in learning more about your industry?


Today I will show you how to find great places to network in your area, or any new place you go to.

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners are trapped in the well-known networking or industry events.

It’s important to go to variety of events so you’ll be able to get yourself exposed to new people, clients, audience, and opportunities!

In many cities, there are innovative and interesting types of events and social gatherings,
where you can network and potentially meet people you are interested in. (more…)

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nspirationI’m sure you’ve experienced a similar scenario:

You know how you come back from a certain networking event or social gathering,

and your mind is so preoccupied with information, experiences, work and home tasks – you name it!

You let those business cards you’ve collected lay on the counter until you’ll contact those people you met sometime later on…

By the time you get to hold those business cards again,
you don’t always remember to match faces to names to people…. Ouch!

What if you could do three simple, quick steps
that have the power to create a good rapport and a stronger connection
right away with those new people you’ve met?

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How to build relationships using Compliments?Do you like giving compliments?

I bet you LOVE getting them!!
(I can see you smiling right now, ha ha! )

Most of us do…

Even when it comes from a stranger or someone you know briefly…

compliments usually flatter most people
and create a positive start for your conversation.

That is exactly why compliments are a great tool that connects people together! (more…)

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how to remember people's names-“How can I remember other people’s names?”
This is one of the most common questions people ask me!

So… I decided to give you a video crash course with winning methods to remember people’s names!

Do people find it easy to remember your name?
Please email back with your answer.

I have so many funny stories about people trying to remember my name,  as my name is only common in Israel.

One of the most memorable stories about my name  happened when I lived in Sydney, Australia. (more…)

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