How to overcome awkward feelings at networking eventsDon’t you feel awkward at networking events sometimes?

I used to feel really awkward and overwhelmed.

I cant forget this day, many years back,
I entered a networking event.

I was by myself standing in the entrance,
and all I saw was people and people and people.

Many were walking past me in and out.
Some talked to each other, some were laughing,
some were on the phone –
everyone seemed to be so busy.

I was feeling awkward and overwhelmed. (more…)

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Tips from New York's networking events queen! Ilana Eberson

* What is the most common mistake people make at networking events,
   and how can you avoid it?
* When is the best time to arrive at networking events?
* What are people looking to find at networking events?
* And what can you do to work the room like a pro?

We are going to discover all that and more!

Allow me to introduce you to Ilana Eberson, Queen Yenta of Business Matchmaking
and networking events, who shares all that and more valuable lessons
and stories in this fascinating podcast below! (more…)

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Discover how you love to love others! (1)It’s Valentine’s day again… and it’s all about love…
not only to your close circle of friends but it can also be translated
to your business relationships- easily!

I love expressing love… I tell friends and people I appreciate
how I love / respect them, I hug, I give…

And you?

when it comes to business, they say you’ve got to fall in love
with your clients or business friends.

Treat them with love and care and they will stay loyal to you.

But how can I fall in love with my clients and with my network friends?


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How to google people to create bonds and dealsDid you know people Google you?

Just as often as you probably Google them!

There is so much info about us out there,  in the “Online Sphere”

but the real deal is knowing how to use this info to our advantage!

Googling and researching people before any type of meeting,

or before approaching them at an event,

can be so powerful- if you know how to!

> How can you use it to close deals? (more…)

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