1176936_53019392What type of people do you enjoy spending time with? People who are grumpy, upset, self-concentrated, and sad? Or do you prefer happy, shiny people?

Tough call, isn’t it…??

Most people enjoy being around others who makes them feel good, laugh, and that are approachable and interesting, as they add value to the time spent together. These kind of people ‘shine’ and spread good vibes around, as they affect their surroundings positively.

That being said we should bear in mind that we are all human, and as such we all experience downs and falls, sadness and the like- it’s natural!

However as a networker that interacts with people, emphasizing positive and attractive traits will make you a real ‘people magnet,’ since it will assist you in making others find interest in you and by that build your relationships with them better and stronger!

The road to building good relationships with others is clear when people want your company!
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In business making, networking, sales, pitching, interacting, and in life in general, you will be able to make others like you and connect to you better if you will make them feel good around you.

I can share from my own life experience that God gave me a special gift – my smile and optimism. It took me many many years to appreciate it and realize what a great impact I have on others thanks to these traits. People approach me to get inspired,  to see the glass half full, to enjoy! And I feel so blessed that I can add something so powerful to others- It’s a win-win call!


Becoming A People Magnet

Here are Six simple keys that people can’t ignore. Use them when you really mean them and inspire others so they will ‘come for more’!

1) Smile
So much has been said and written about the power of a single smile. A smile is a beautiful facial gesture that is freely given to everyone around us. Smiles can change others’ moods, turn situations into better ones, and makes it easier for people to approach you. A true smile that comes from the inside is the best smile you can share as people can tell when a smile is real and appreciate you better.

2) Positive Point of View
Everyone sees life based on their own experiences; therefore, a single situation can be interpreted in a million ways! Choose to find the positive point of view for each situation you encounter.  Try to see the glass half full, as it’s always there too and share it with others. Life isn’t always what people expects it to be so if you’ll harness a positive point of view and help others see the good side of things; they will get hope, strength, motivation, and a general better feeling. People love being next to others that makes them feel good.

3) Happiness
Being in a state of happiness provides one with a great power.  Happiness is a sensational feeling, it’s the energy of vitality and confidence that makes it easier for you to break boundaries in life and also interact with others. People enjoy being next to those who spread happiness as they make them feel happy too and in many cases, it makes them wonder how they can make their life happier and feel the same? People want to be in a state of happiness and happy people can help others get more of it and become happy too.

4) Enthusiasm
They say that one of the most contagious feelings is enthusiasm as we can’t ignore enthusiastic people! This unwritten rule is well known by sales people as a top trait to use when they want to get others excited. Talking passionately and enthusiastically about something triggers others to feel the same way and find interest in you.

5) Sense of humor
Being able to make others laugh is an amazing asset! Everyone loves to laugh as biologically it’s healthy for us and makes people feel way better! When we laugh we change physiologically, we stretch muscles throughout our face and body, our pulse and blood pressure go up, and we breath faster. People would love spending time with you if you will know how to make them laugh.

6) Find interest in others
Generally speaking, the subject people love talking about the most is themselves!  Know how to be a good listener, ask questions about others; find interest in their career and personal lives and genuinely show you care and that you want to know more about them. Ultimately people would love being next to you and having you listening to them and sharing your thoughts on their lives.


Shine Up Your Personality!

The above Six keys to becoming a ‘people magnet’ are useful guidelines for business networking and for life.

To maximize their power in your life adjust the use of them to YOUR personality!

Find your way to use sense of humor, be enthusiastic in your own terms and way, share your positive point of view with special people and so on.

The point here is for you to be real and honest, while using these keys to become a true people magnet that others would want to become friends with. That way you will build stronger relationships with your network!

Try to incorporate these traits into your daily routine and I can assure you that you will feel better and those around you would enjoy being your friends!
So think about it…what impression do you leave on people?  How do you attract them?

Spread the happiness… !



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