Lirone Glikman photo: Meirav Levy2Hello my friends!

I am Lirone Glikman, a business networking coach and international speaker, and my biggest passion and goal is to provide value to others by teaching how powerful relationships can be in our lives and businesses- since it’s all about people!

My mission is to improve the way you- entrepreneurs, business people, sales people and career-driven people communicate and guide you to form a supportive global business community where each person wants to help the other grow and succeed!

I’m here to provide you with practical tools to network and create the relationships that work for you with amazing and inspiring people you enjoy spending time with.

I’m here to teach you proven systems and techniques to connect to almost anybody, to create and maintain long-term relationships and to get more customers, and to find big investors and increase revenue.

Most importantly, I am here to inspire you and share with you the joy and fun of meeting new people that have a different worldview than you do, along with different resources and knowledge to share with you. These people will enrich who you are and open more opportunities and possibilities for you. And you will do the same for them.

I am here to guide you in creating the business you really deserve and want to have. All this is possible through the power of relationships.


“It’s all about H2H- Human to Human”

* Do you get excited about networking? Or stressed out by the thought of meeting new people?
* Are your network friends there for you when you need them?
* Can you create strong relationships with people around you?
* Do you connect to the right people for you?
* Do you reach your business goals and manage the business you really want?

 Networking is the source to achieving everything you desire in your life and career! It’s about forming healthy, friendly, honest and mutually beneficial relationships with all types of people.

It’s about companionship and the will to help others grow and succeed.

Above all, acting like a networker means you are taking control of your life and guiding yourself toward reaching the life and career you want!

Lirone Glikman
 is devoted to teaching you many practical, useful and inspirational tactics that will make a tremendous change in your life and business:

Ways to increase your chances to achieve your goals!
* Build a social safety net!
* Open new channels to endless resources, information and opportunities
* Techniques to network efficiently and faster than before!
* Tools to sharpen your interpersonal skills
* Provide you with chances to give to others and make their life story better
* Make others respect and love you
* Achieve the feeling of fulfilment


EVERYONE can network – and I am here to show you how!

Networking success can be ‘natural-born’ to some people, while others have to work harder to achieve it. This is why I have developed my own systems and ways to teach you techniques that can only empower who you are and let your unique traits shine out even more!

In my own experience, it wasn’t always easy for me to use the relationships I formed to achieve my goals. However, I gained invaluable networking knowledge through hard work and perseverance. (You’ll hear more about it in my blog!)

If you are interested in improving your business, career and life through the power of relationships, sign up now to stay updated – it’s free!

I am determined to spread my best knowledge and philosophy with you with dedication to your success!

Who do I work with?

Everyone can benefit from networking.

I have specialized in understanding needs and empowering the following sectors:

Entrepreneurs,  start ups, small business owners, sales and marketing people, big organisations, the hospitality industry, and other ambitious, career-driven people.


Wanna know why I can help you reach your goals through relationships?

First of all I am a positive, smiley, friendly person, yet I am also goal-oriented, practical and a “shaker and a mover”. This unique combination of traits has helped me all my life to connect to people quickly and get results!

I have a vast global experience

I gained 16 years of global experience in marketing, sales, PR, productions and entrepreneurship. Working for leading global corporations and dealing with many types of people and situations along the way, I “overcame the impossible” many times through relationship creations and achieved my goals while benefiting everyone else. This diverse experience helps me to understand my customers’ business holistically, while considering all the business and personal aspects and needs to lead to their success and goal achievement through the power of relationships.

Natural-born talent
I always felt that people should be united and not separated, and I carried this agenda with me throughout my life. My unique approach helped me reach places, people and goals I never imagined I would, and I kept sharpening my talent, improving it and making it better and better. My customers get the benefit of enjoying the fruits of years of personal investigation and improvement.

Everlasting student
One thing I know for sure is that  I will never stop seeking to learn and enrich my knowledge and get inspired!
I constantly learn to improve my expertise. I also learn something from every person I meet, along with learning from research and academy publications, situations, books, YouTube videos, courses, and anything else I can reach.
Learning makes me more professional, accurate and devoted to improving myself and everyone around me.

I love to Give!

My team and I are devoted to serving you, give and provide a lot of good value and juicy free resources. You can find them in my blog, website and personal emails. Sign up for free updates now!
Feel free to contact me for any assistance or questions you may have. My door is always open- just click here!
I also sell professional premium products and lectures to enhance your expertise and help you get the desired results.

I would like to personally thank you for visiting my site-  I am certain my resources and material will provide you with valuable knowledge and useful strategies that will empower you and strengthen your networking and interpersonal skills.
Network your way to success!




Bio – Lirone Glikman

Lirone Glikman

I am an Israeli born and raised “woman of the world” who has travelled a lot and lived in Sydney, Australia for a few years and in North Carolina, USA. I am both an entrepreneur and a marketing specialist, having gained over 16 years of experience working for leading international corporations and media bodies.

I have initiated exciting social awareness-oriented projects and am the co-founder of a flourishing community-based networking group in Israel.

I place great importance in trying to combine social contribution activity to all areas of work in which I take part.

Throughout my life, I used the ‘magic of networking’, which has enabled me to leave the place I was in life and arrive at the place I wanted to be.

Some more ‘juicy’ info about myself: I love the arts – the way people are able to express themselves through art inspires me. I love photography and think Instagram is one of the greatest inventions in recent years… I am fascinated by travelling and love exploring different cultures and people. My favourite cuisines are Indian and Italian. I love water skiing, indoor climbing, running and swimming. I was a TV & radio host since the age of 16, and I am always ready for a good laugh with friends and acquaintances!


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