How to build relationships using Compliments?Do you like giving compliments?

I bet you LOVE getting them!!
(I can see you smiling right now, ha ha! )

Most of us do…

Even when it comes from a stranger or someone you know briefly…

compliments usually flatter most people
and create a positive start for your conversation.

That is exactly why compliments are a great tool that connects people together!

BUT there is one catch…

It connects people only when done in the right way…

And hey – I got that covered for you!

In this video I will go deep into networking’s powerful tool to connect with people:

The power of compliments!

And how to give them in the right way!

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Compliments can get you closer with a business friend or a stranger you just met.

When you give an honest compliment, you get way more in return: you can even win a friend!

It’s amazing how easy and powerful this tool is!

After watching this video it will be even easier for you!

Now it’s your turn to share and  comment below:

– How do you compliment other people?
– Have you used it to build business relationships?

I’m excited to read your answers….

Until next week….


Network your way to success!


Lirone x

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