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Rejection is a part of our lives and shows up in our childhood and adult life: at work, career, and when we are socialising with others. Nobody likes to be rejected however rejection plays an important role in our personal development because it helps us grow, learn from our past actions, get mentally stronger and confident.

When networking with new people, many experience the fear of rejection to a certain extent, and some even develop a defence mechanism that says, “if you don’t try, you won’t get hurt.”

When we approach strangers for networking purposes, we can’t definitely know what the other person’s reaction will be unless we will give it a try. It may even surprise us for the best!

Here are the three concepts to overcome networking rejection and open  up to success;

1) Improve your ways- learn from past failures
2) Be prepared- Know your agenda and what you want to say
3) Use the power of visualisation to practice positive results!

Don’t be hard on yourself when you feel afraid, but also don’t give up on trying!

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