How to build relationships using Compliments?Do you like giving compliments?

I bet you LOVE getting them!!
(I can see you smiling right now, ha ha! )

Most of us do…

Even when it comes from a stranger or someone you know briefly…

compliments usually flatter most people
and create a positive start for your conversation.

That is exactly why compliments are a great tool that connects people together! (more…)

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Sometimes, Timing – is -Everything!
When it comes to networking and meeting new people – acting fast is essential!

Networking of course is the practice of relationship building, this is why the first two days after meeting with someone new in most cases, are very crucial for the future of that given, possible relationship.

Learn how to maximise the power of momentum to benefit your networking efforts.
It’s easy to do, once you understand the “why” and the logic behind it!


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They say that -a stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet…

Breaking the ice is the first step to acquiring more acquaintances and friends.

Yes- it can be embarrassing to break the ice and it isn’t always easy for some people.
It can be truly intimidating to approach that big investor, client or mentor and start a conversation.

But it’s vital when we have goals we want to achieve!

In this article I reveal my Attractive & Interactive method to breaking the ice!


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I would like to share a personal story with you about my early days, when I didn’t know how to network that well:

Many years ago, when I started my career, I often found myself a little stressed when networking with others. I was insecure, yet wanted others to “discover me”. I was nervous and somewhat embarrassed.

This mental state of mind made me talk too much and not really think about what I was  saying… and this is where it can get a little “dangerous”.

When I met people for the first time, I often said things that portrayed me as a different person than who I really am…. It was hard to form the business relationships I wanted with them, as these were the people I felt most nervous with.


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Top Techniques to Stand Out in the Crowd when Business Networking

I am sure you will find the next question familiar:

“Hi, I’m Johnny, we met at the entrepreneurs’ convention last night.
Do you remember me?”

I can almost guarantee that either you have asked this question or been asked it in the past.

There are so many places to network out there that can bring lots of opportunities your way!

When you network with a new person, one of your goals is to stay memorable and stand out from the rest! (Click to Tweet It!)


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