The ultimate way to giveGiving is an action that can come in different amounts, sizes and shapes.

As a networker who wishes to form and maintain relationships, and of course as a human being, giving to others is a part of our lives.

Giving is something every person can do, no matter the amount of resources and power he or she has.

Most of all, giving in all its shapes is an action that is mutually beneficial, as both the receiver and the giver gain enjoyment from it! (Sometimes the giver enjoys even more!)



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Valentine’s Day is a great time to spread the Love to our community and network while doing it! Learn how to do it effectively in the following step by step guide:

1. Target A Community In Need

2. Round Up Your Network

3. Pick A Charity Or An Organisation

4. Contact The Organisation You Choose

5. Date And Details

6. Contribute


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