Row your business to successDo you remember the last time you went on a kayak or a little boat?

You sat in it, by yourself or with another partner; you took the oar in your hands
, and started rowing.

You dipped its right side in the water and pushed it back, and then you dipped the left side in the water and pushed harder, right, left, right, left, and so on.

Suddenly you started moving ahead! The safe land was getting farther and farther away from you as you kept on rowing.

When you looked straight ahead, all you saw was blue water and blue sky.

No clear path
, no certainty that the water will stay still and calm and the wind won’t start blowing harder and bring a storm with it.


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The ultimate way to giveGiving is an action that can come in different amounts, sizes and shapes.

As a networker who wishes to form and maintain relationships, and of course as a human being, giving to others is a part of our lives.

Giving is something every person can do, no matter the amount of resources and power he or she has.

Most of all, giving in all its shapes is an action that is mutually beneficial, as both the receiver and the giver gain enjoyment from it! (Sometimes the giver enjoys even more!)



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Mindset“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t– you’re right.” –  Henry Ford   (Click 2 Tweet!)

Do you know what this inspiring quote is referring to? Mindset!

Our mindsets are of strong importance for us that we don’t always acknowledge but we always use.

Our self confidence is a mindset, our business success is a mindset; being sad, happy, persistent, and even wealth creation are all states of mind. Our live’s outcomes are a result of the state of mind we are in.

We have the ability to choose what state of mind to be in or to let our beliefs and “moods” choose for us. Our state of mind is affected by our mental image of ourselves, our body language and the attitude we want to convey to our surroundings.


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The Best Advice I Ever Got!

Posted on 3, Mar

The Best Advice I Ever GotRecently Linkedin published a mind-blowing project, “The Lessons (and People) That Changed the Top Minds in Business”, which canbe found–  here.
In this project Linkedin gathered top 70 business people, entrepreneurs and influential people who shared the best advice they got, that led them to their success.

In our everyday lives, while business networking or doing business and such we encounter all sorts of situations that we need to overcome. Sometimes a good advice from a friend or a successful role model can change the course of events for the best.

Thankfully, as business networkers our activity can provide us with great knowledge and many lessons, along with the right experts friends on our side, to advise us on a certain situation. Our networking activity also sharpens our interpersonal skills and general knowledge, and as a result we gain experience to advice others or even ourselves!

Reading what drove people I admire to their success definitely motivated me;


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תמונה2Business networking, why don’t we open it up and state what it’s really all about?

First, it is deceiving people you meet.

Second, it is being mean to people so you can promote your own career.

Third, making connections just to get to more powerful people and taking as much as you can from your connections!

Fourth, using as many people as needed to get to the top, and then laughing down on all of them!

You Know What I Mean, Right?

Along the years, I have met numerous people who are terrified by the idea of “Business Networking.”  They actually think the ideas I mentioned above are the real definition of networking.  Seriously, if those things were what we really did when we were networking, our careers would be pretty short-lived!


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