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How to Maximize Your Potential in Every Aspect of Life & Business (more…)

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How to use LinkedIn to network and grow (2) (more…)

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Lesson learnt from attending cocktail eventsLast week I was honored to be invited once again
to celebrate her highness,  Queen Elizabeth’s birthday party,
that was held by the British embassy in Israel.

Those type of official events,
are networking events with prestige, I would say.

There is a high-status audience;
from different government members from around the world,
to senior army personnel, to corporate CEOs and more.

T (more…)

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The component that glues  our clients & network  friends to us

A few days ago, I met a business person who shared this story with me:

One business owner decided to bring his son aboard, to join the family business.

The time had come again, and the company was expanding and looking for new, bigger offices.

The father did what he used to always do, and called his real estate agent
of the last 15 years asking him to find a new space for his growing company.

When his son heard about it, he told his father, (more…)

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