How to google people to create bonds and dealsDid you know people Google you?

Just as often as you probably Google them!

There is so much info about us out there,  in the “Online Sphere”

but the real deal is knowing how to use this info to our advantage!

Googling and researching people before any type of meeting,

or before approaching them at an event,

can be so powerful- if you know how to!

> How can you use it to close deals? (more…)

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nspirationI’m sure you’ve experienced a similar scenario:

You know how you come back from a certain networking event or social gathering,

and your mind is so preoccupied with information, experiences, work and home tasks – you name it!

You let those business cards you’ve collected lay on the counter until you’ll contact those people you met sometime later on…

By the time you get to hold those business cards again,
you don’t always remember to match faces to names to people…. Ouch!

What if you could do three simple, quick steps
that have the power to create a good rapport and a stronger connection
right away with those new people you’ve met?

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The Best Advice I Ever Got!

Posted on 3, Mar

The Best Advice I Ever GotRecently Linkedin published a mind-blowing project, “The Lessons (and People) That Changed the Top Minds in Business”, which canbe found–  here.
In this project Linkedin gathered top 70 business people, entrepreneurs and influential people who shared the best advice they got, that led them to their success.

In our everyday lives, while business networking or doing business and such we encounter all sorts of situations that we need to overcome. Sometimes a good advice from a friend or a successful role model can change the course of events for the best.

Thankfully, as business networkers our activity can provide us with great knowledge and many lessons, along with the right experts friends on our side, to advise us on a certain situation. Our networking activity also sharpens our interpersonal skills and general knowledge, and as a result we gain experience to advice others or even ourselves!

Reading what drove people I admire to their success definitely motivated me;


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תמונה2Business networking, why don’t we open it up and state what it’s really all about?

First, it is deceiving people you meet.

Second, it is being mean to people so you can promote your own career.

Third, making connections just to get to more powerful people and taking as much as you can from your connections!

Fourth, using as many people as needed to get to the top, and then laughing down on all of them!

You Know What I Mean, Right?

Along the years, I have met numerous people who are terrified by the idea of “Business Networking.”  They actually think the ideas I mentioned above are the real definition of networking.  Seriously, if those things were what we really did when we were networking, our careers would be pretty short-lived!


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howto overcome the fear of networking?Not once people have said to me: “I really want to get a meeting with this CEO” or “I want to execute this great business idea and I need support – but I’ll probably get a NO… ”

When it comes to business networking and interpersonal relationships not everyone is naturally outgoing, and there is this shyness or a little fear to approach someone else, not to mention get him or her to listen to you.

Although people are different, and there is nothing wrong to be shy or afraid from different issues surrounding us, but let me ask you this:
Do you really think it’s reasonable that one’s shyness or fear should block a person from getting a great career or his goal fulfilled?

I don’t think so!

However the good news is that there is a way to handle these feelings…


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