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How to use LinkedIn to network and grow your businessIf you use LinkedIn, I’m sure you constantly try to understand
how to make the most of it for your business.

LinkedIn has so much to offer that it can really get you confused.
I know I was….

Many ask me the million-dollar question
how can they use LinkedIn to get clients and increase revenue?

I decided to share the exact tactic that provides me with results on LinkedIn,
and share one of many amazing business opportunity stories I got through it. (more…)

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DIY- How to build your online brand & make friends with influencers

I have to share my recent discovery:
I heard about a closed Whatsapp group
that includes some of the world’s top technology influencers!
Some networking arena!

From the chiefs of Amazon and Google up to top technology reporters
from the biggest media outlets.

Those influencers share information,
consult with one another and, in some way,
shape the world’s next innovations!

This group was covered in the global media
and the interesting thing is:
we can all create this type of group with top global influencers!

This discovery led me to record a podcast with the guy that created this group,
and we engaged in a fascinating conversation about how our personal brand
can help us build our business and become friends and cooperate with top influencers!

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connect the dotsOne of the greatest things about networking is the ability to help others by connecting people to people or people to information. You probably know these sheets of paper where you have to connect several numbered dots in order to complete a whole picture. Being a networking connector is similar, as it’s about connecting two people that complete one another in what they both need and offer.

How often do you “connect the dots” between people? When was the last time you matched people to others and helped both sides by doing so?

The best way to be a better connector is to open your eyes and ears.
All of us get exposed to a great amount of information on a daily basis, too much than our minds can even remember. While our mind ignores the non-relevant information, there are some useful pieces that can be used wisely to help others and ourselves, but only if we “connect the dots”…


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How to extend your network and attract more opportunitiesThink about it, social media is full of active people and whenever you “like” a comment you share this like with maybe 20 other people and your name is becoming just “another one in the crowd”.

If you want someone to appreciate your support and pay attention personally to you, this is a nice way but not the right way to do it…

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and more are filled with people that you may know better or less. You can strengthen these relationships through online interactions that may lead eventually to great opportunities in the offline world.

But how can you keep yourself in the minds of others you want to make friends with or strengthen your connection with? How can you become more noticeable by them? How can you attract these connections to be in touch with you in the real world?

It’s all about standing out using one main tactic: personalization!


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