How To Find A Connection To Someone You Don’t Know?Is there someone you want to reach and you are not sure how to get to?
Are you looking for a key investor, a big connector, or a corporate high manager? Someone that can help you reach your desired goal?

Quite often people ask me how to reach X person or industry key people that can help them grow their business and achieve their business goals.

Well, it’s all about applying these actions:
1) Planning your way
2) Using your existing connections
3) Utilizing given resources in the right way to find any mutual friend that can connect you to the targeted person.

In order to grow your business I’m sure you target industries, companies, managers, professionals and so on.  While you have your own important business reasons to locate someone, not everyone is easy to reach. Always remember it’s possible – it’s in your hands to reach anyone if you want it enough! I can’t guarantee it will be easy or fast but make a decision you will get the person and do whatever it takes.


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Nowadays people learn about you and about your business from two different worlds, simultaneously; the Offline and the Online world.

There are Two main sources that build your “name” and reputation:
1. What you say and do
2. What others say about you

That means that in order to leave a good online impression for the long run, you have to follow these two basic rules of Online Reputation Management:
Monitor & Manage


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Here is a familiar scenario:

turn business card to business relationshipYou are at a networking event and you meet someone new. You are having a nice chat and in the “moment of truth” you swap business cards!  Voilà! You have a new member in your network! Not So…

Like you I am also the proud owner of hundreds of impressive and well designed business cards from many respectful people. The truth of the matter is- that’s all it is, a well designed piece of paper!
I’m sorry, but you better get the records straight under your head; the amount of business cards you carry does not affect the size of your network, in fact this piece of paper is useless, unless you use it right!

A business card is a mean to leave your contact information and stay evident. It’s a tool to use in order to build a relationship, but then again the card alone doesn’t worth anything. However, the actions taken upon it do!

Secret reveals – turning business card into relationship


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