How to build a relationship with yourself to live the life you love

If you’ve been following me, you know that I emphasize the benefits of networking and cultivating authentic and strategic relationships with others. I know that every person we meet is an ocean of opportunities, knowledge and resources we can use to achieve our life and business goals, while sharing our own gifts with others. Communicating and cultivating relationships can be a joy and is key to a successful, fulfilled life. However, this would be hard to accomplish if we didn’t cultivate an authentic relationship with ourselves first.


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Copy of How to use LinkedIn to network and grow (1)As a team member at Startup Grind Tel Aviv chapter, (the biggest global entrepreneurship community, powered by Google for entrepreneurs)
I get to meet fascinating people, learn from their own experience,
and write about their insights on Startup Grind’s blog.

This time I was honored to meet  with Yoel Cheshin, the founder and chairman of 2B Angels, a venture capital group based in Israel, and also a philosopher with an unusual life story. (more…)

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The component that glues  our clients & network  friends to us

A few days ago, I met a business person who shared this story with me:

One business owner decided to bring his son aboard, to join the family business.

The time had come again, and the company was expanding and looking for new, bigger offices.

The father did what he used to always do, and called his real estate agent
of the last 15 years asking him to find a new space for his growing company.

When his son heard about it, he told his father, (more…)

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DIY- How to build your online brand & make friends with influencers

I have to share my recent discovery:
I heard about a closed Whatsapp group
that includes some of the world’s top technology influencers!
Some networking arena!

From the chiefs of Amazon and Google up to top technology reporters
from the biggest media outlets.

Those influencers share information,
consult with one another and, in some way,
shape the world’s next innovations!

This group was covered in the global media
and the interesting thing is:
we can all create this type of group with top global influencers!

This discovery led me to record a podcast with the guy that created this group,
and we engaged in a fascinating conversation about how our personal brand
can help us build our business and become friends and cooperate with top influencers!

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My biggest small talk mistakes I don’t>My article as published at Business

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