Tips from New York's networking events queen! Ilana Eberson

* What is the most common mistake people make at networking events,
   and how can you avoid it?
* When is the best time to arrive at networking events?
* What are people looking to find at networking events?
* And what can you do to work the room like a pro?

We are going to discover all that and more!

Allow me to introduce you to Ilana Eberson, Queen Yenta of Business Matchmaking
and networking events, who shares all that and more valuable lessons
and stories in this fascinating podcast below! (more…)

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How often do you refer people to others? What do you consider before you do so?

I love referring people to others, and I see it as a very important social practice—spreading knowledge, resources and abilities of trusted people to others!

The power of referrals is usually strong, and many people use it because of its halo effect: If I trust you I would assume your friends can be trusted as well.

But what happens when a friend “fails” and refers me to an untrustworthy or problematic person?
I am not sure I will immediately trust my friend’s referrals in the future.

Making connections between people should be something you think about before doing.

Nobody ever really teaches us how to do it.

This is why I prepared leading questions for you to answer and think about before you refer people to others! (more…)

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Lirone GlikmanImagine how it feels, opening your mouth and no voice comes out of it! Nada!

My voice is gone… again!
Imagine how it feels, opening your mouth and no voice comes out of it! Nada!

You are trying to communicate with others, and all you get is pain in your throat. Meanwhile, people take pity on you and are trying desperately to understand what is it you are trying to say…

It happens to me every few years.

The first time was when I was 17 and worked at a regional radio station. It was right before the first time I got to host a full-length two-hour show!


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I would like to share a personal story with you about my early days, when I didn’t know how to network that well:

Many years ago, when I started my career, I often found myself a little stressed when networking with others. I was insecure, yet wanted others to “discover me”. I was nervous and somewhat embarrassed.

This mental state of mind made me talk too much and not really think about what I was  saying… and this is where it can get a little “dangerous”.

When I met people for the first time, I often said things that portrayed me as a different person than who I really am…. It was hard to form the business relationships I wanted with them, as these were the people I felt most nervous with.


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2014 is here and this is the time to give thanks and remember all those amazing people surrounding us. The people that were here for us in the last year and those we want to strengthen our connection with in the new year.

You see, research shows that being grateful grounds us and enable us to celebrate the present and notice the good and positive things in our lives. Once we realise that we feel good and magnify the goodness we spread out! It also makes s treat those people we appreciate better and strengthens these relationships.

In this article we will focus on the groups of people that we can be grateful for:
1) Close family
2) Colleagues
3) Potential clients and mentors
4) Yourself! (more…)

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