Row your business to successDo you remember the last time you went on a kayak or a little boat?

You sat in it, by yourself or with another partner; you took the oar in your hands
, and started rowing.

You dipped its right side in the water and pushed it back, and then you dipped the left side in the water and pushed harder, right, left, right, left, and so on.

Suddenly you started moving ahead! The safe land was getting farther and farther away from you as you kept on rowing.

When you looked straight ahead, all you saw was blue water and blue sky.

No clear path
, no certainty that the water will stay still and calm and the wind won’t start blowing harder and bring a storm with it.


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1176936_53019392What type of people do you enjoy spending time with? People who are grumpy, upset, self-concentrated, and sad? Or do you prefer happy, shiny people?

Tough call, isn’t it…??

Most people enjoy being around others who makes them feel good, laugh, and that are approachable and interesting, as they add value to the time spent together. These kind of people ‘shine’ and spread good vibes around, as they affect their surroundings positively.

That being said we should bear in mind that we are all human, and as such we all experience downs and falls, sadness and the like- it’s natural!

However as a networker that interacts with people, emphasizing positive and attractive traits will make you a real ‘people magnet,’ since it will assist you in making others find interest in you and by that build your relationships with them better and stronger!

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Valentine’s Day is a great time to spread the Love to our community and network while doing it! Learn how to do it effectively in the following step by step guide:

1. Target A Community In Need

2. Round Up Your Network

3. Pick A Charity Or An Organisation

4. Contact The Organisation You Choose

5. Date And Details

6. Contribute


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Case Study: Reconnecting With Old Friends PostedHave you ever considered why reconnecting with friends from long ago is beneficial to networking?

Last month, I decided to go on a mission.
I set out three weeks to meet up with at least ten old friends. The criteria for the people I wanted to meet with were as follows:
1) Friends that I haven’t seen for at least two years
2) Friends that are involved in a related business world to mine or can assist me in my business goals in some way
3) Friends that I like and want to reconnect with

I have made a list of eighteen people to contact and scheduled a meeting with. I have met with twelve friends and was excited to see them again and learn about their lives today. As you can imagine, in these meetings there were so many things to talk about and to catch up on after so long.  It went very well!

Mission Results

My networking efforts were very rewarding; here are some of the missions’ insights:


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4 Tips to using holiday greetings to retain your network  The best time of the year to retain your network is by no doubt the holiday season!

Christmas and New Year’s Eve usually spread special feelings all around. During this time of the year, people are more united and connected to their families along with values of love, gratitude, and appreciation.

Sending holiday greetings to your network is a great opportunity to remind the people you know of your friendship and to strengthen your relationships. The way to do it is by getting a bit more personal rather than professional and showing your network of people a different side of your personality they don’t get to see often.

So before you start spreading your holiday greeting cards to everyone you know… WAIT!
Networkers plan first and act second.
Make sure to plan your actions well so that your efforts will leverage your relationships with others.

Here are four useful tips to help you use holiday greetings to retain your network the best way:


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