Discover how you love to love others! (1)It’s Valentine’s day again… and it’s all about love…
not only to your close circle of friends but it can also be translated
to your business relationships- easily!

I love expressing love… I tell friends and people I appreciate
how I love / respect them, I hug, I give…

And you?

when it comes to business, they say you’ve got to fall in love
with your clients or business friends.

Treat them with love and care and they will stay loyal to you.

But how can I fall in love with my clients and with my network friends?

(people I know to some extent, but not that well… )
and how can I do it authentically?

Have you heard about the Franklin effect?
To make a long story short: when we give, help, and put our attention
to doing something for someone,
most people tend to like this someone even more.

Your love language

According to Dr. Gary Chapman’s research, there is a love language—
ways in which each and every one of us expresses love to those around us.

It works in personal relationships the same as in business ones.

Each of us has a few dominant languages we use and that can be channelled easily
for our dedicated clients, network friends, etc.

After you watch it, tell me—which language is more like you?

Click to tweet: “Express your love to your clients. Be proactive and honest about it, and they will be loyal to you.”

I want to give you ideas for how you can express your love to your network friends
and clients better all year long, not only on Valentine’s Day!

Now it’s your turn to share:

What is your main way of expressing your love language?

What can you do right now for your clients?

I’m excited to know your thoughts…
Happy Valentine’s day, spent with those you love the most!


Dicover how you love to love others



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