Mindset“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t– you’re right.” –  Henry Ford   (Click 2 Tweet!)

Do you know what this inspiring quote is referring to? Mindset!

Our mindsets are of strong importance for us that we don’t always acknowledge but we always use.

Our self confidence is a mindset, our business success is a mindset; being sad, happy, persistent, and even wealth creation are all states of mind. Our live’s outcomes are a result of the state of mind we are in.

We have the ability to choose what state of mind to be in or to let our beliefs and “moods” choose for us. Our state of mind is affected by our mental image of ourselves, our body language and the attitude we want to convey to our surroundings.

Our mindsets are like the guiding line of our attitude and behavior!

When Networking Doesn’t Work

When business networking with others, if at events or other different occasions, many people hand out their cards and apparently “network” when they actually miss the point, their mindset isn’t right!

They don’t get many people interacting with them, and they don’t achieve the results they wanted from the event or the person they met. So instead of “leaving networking for other people” – adjust your state!

Harnessing a networker’s state of mind will help us all to express the right feelings, openness, and approach that welcomes people and build a good foundation to meet with others and later on- form relationships.

Being in the right mindset will lead you to get clear on your propose, behavior and goals and feel more confidence while networking. This, as opposed to focusing on possible insecurities, fears or just disorientation that people may feel when interacting with others.

Think like a networker

In order to do networking right you need to think like a networker.
Tune your mind to the right wave in order to attract good opportunities to your life!

Here are the networking mindsets fundamentals that every networker should tune in to:

1) Openness – A networker mindset is first and foremost key to being open to other people; an open body language and open mind to accept and respect different people, open for different ideas and agendas and the like. It’s about being approachable and finding interest in others.

2) Positivity- A networker mindset is about thinking positively about others and give each person an equal opportunity with you. Be genuinely nice, smile, and use positive, elevating words when you speak to others.

3) Mutual Benefit – A networker mindset is about acknowledging the value of mutual benefit and seeking to help others and understand their needs. Helping someone to achieve his or her goal will give you the advantage of feeling good yourself and getting help back once you will need it.

4) Relationships– A networker mindset is about the understanding that in order to reach your goals you need to interact with people and you need the help of others. You can’t make it alone. Your aim should be to form relationships and put the effort needed to strategically pursuit the people that may assist you or help people you know.

5) Body Language – A networker mindset is reflected through one’s body language, posture and voice tone; As it is well known that our state of mind affects our body language and vice versa. Stretch your shoulders, stand in a confident posture, open your hands to show openness, have a firm handshake, look into others eyes, speak with enthusiastic voice, synchronize with other’s gestures, and of course- smile.

Be Mindful Of your Mindset

As much as it may look spiritual, mindset is everything, it’s where it all starts: your mind!

Pay attention to your moods and attitude and adjust your behavior to achieve the right goals and contribute to the people around you and to yourself!

Tell me about your networking mindset and how it helps you? I am curious to know!

With loving state of mind,




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