How to google people to create bonds and dealsDid you know people Google you?

Just as often as you probably Google them!

There is so much info about us out there,  in the “Online Sphere”

but the real deal is knowing how to use this info to our advantage!

Googling and researching people before any type of meeting,

or before approaching them at an event,

can be so powerful- if you know how to!

> How can you use it to close deals?
> How can you use it to connect with people more?
> How can you use it to create a major advantage for yourself amongst the rest!

In today’s episode, I will teach you the two main things you should look for when you research people online.

Watch the video below!

Click to Tweet: “Research” is a relationship accelerator, as it helps to know of and understand the other person’s needs in advance!

Research not only helps us connect with people, but it also shows something about us.

It shows we are professionals; we care and do our “homework”.

If we do it for a single meeting, then we would probably deal with

the same care and professionalism in every project or task.
Research is an important tool in our daily business – networking made routine.

Now it’s your turn to share:

How often do you research people you are about to meet with?

What exactly do you look for?

How research helped you land a client or a deal?
Share it in the comment section below!


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How to Google People to Create Bonds and Deals?







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