connect the dotsOne of the greatest things about networking is the ability to help others by connecting people to people or people to information. You probably know these sheets of paper where you have to connect several numbered dots in order to complete a whole picture. Being a networking connector is similar, as it’s about connecting two people that complete one another in what they both need and offer.

How often do you “connect the dots” between people? When was the last time you matched people to others and helped both sides by doing so?

The best way to be a better connector is to open your eyes and ears.
All of us get exposed to a great amount of information on a daily basis, too much than our minds can even remember. While our mind ignores the non-relevant information, there are some useful pieces that can be used wisely to help others and ourselves, but only if we “connect the dots”…

Making the right match between people’s needs to others’ supply can be highly rewarding to both them and you. Moreover, it would be a pity for you not to use it as you will miss out on a chance to help one of your friends!


Remember and Scan

In order to “connect the dots” between people you should incorporate two skills into your everyday behaviour:
1) Remember information that can potentially be useful to someone
2) Scan your memory to pull it out

Of course you know how to remember things and pull out information, but what I  am talking about here is being intentionally aware of the information you choose to remember and really put the effort in searching your mind for a solution when someone presents a need or a problem.
This “system” comes to raise your awareness in catching the right information and trying to help people later on with it.

I started practicing my awareness to useful info many years ago and today it comes naturally to me, on a daily basis! It’s fairly easy as it’s about making small adjustments in the way you process data and pull it out.


1) Remember information
You get exposed to a whole lot of information on a daily basis, whether it’s through the internet, news, social media, conversations with others, networking, TV commercials and much more.

Train yourself to spot and dig out the real useful info from all the rest, focus on it, and lock it in your memory.

This information can be one of the following and more:

a. Friends in need of…
b. Friends that can offer…
c. Acquaintances’ occupations and hobbies
d. Articles about a topic that can benefit someone you know
e. Job offers
f. House sublet
g. Special sale, and many more…

In order to actually remember these bits of information you should pay them extra attention. Here are some useful techniques to remember information:

– Reading the article again
– Repeating after someone’s words
– Writing the info down in a visible place
– Analysing the info and thinking more about it
– Sharing the info with someone
– Whatever works for you…

2) Scan your memory
Now that you remember some bits of useful information you are ready for the second step. In order to connect people to the information or people they may need, you would have to put the effort, search your mind and retrieve the information you have stored in your memory.
Intentionally scanning your memory is the way to pull out the right matching information.

Make it a habit to scan your memory every time someone presents a need, problem or issue. When scanning, try to recall a piece of information, seek a solution, a person or an expert you know, knowledge you possess, or any memory that may be able to fit in there and assist your network friend.

If there’s seems to be a match – make the connection!

Aims to help others with the resources and assets you possess. Always think how amazing it is to know that you helped someone else getting something he or she needs or wants. Give first and you will get your share when you need it. 


Everybody can do it! 

Our mind is an amazing machine that in this case needs to be trained to remember the right information and pick it out when needed. It always surprises me how “dots” are connected in my mind immediately without too much of an effort.

Embracing these practices and awareness will also benefit you socially; Once you will make the above practices your second nature and constantly help and “connect other people’s dots”, you will gradually build your reputation as a “go to person”. People will perceive you as a connected, knowledgeable person and will approach you on different matters. That would brand you well in your community.

The practice of connecting people without asking for anything in return is the pure fun of networking as it enables you to HELP others…  And you know what they say…Karma works!

It’s time to connect the dots…!



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