How to extend your network and attract more opportunitiesThink about it, social media is full of active people and whenever you “like” a comment you share this like with maybe 20 other people and your name is becoming just “another one in the crowd”.

If you want someone to appreciate your support and pay attention personally to you, this is a nice way but not the right way to do it…

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and more are filled with people that you may know better or less. You can strengthen these relationships through online interactions that may lead eventually to great opportunities in the offline world.

But how can you keep yourself in the minds of others you want to make friends with or strengthen your connection with? How can you become more noticeable by them? How can you attract these connections to be in touch with you in the real world?

It’s all about standing out using one main tactic: personalization!

The Thing We All Love

You know what every person loves? We all want, need, and love to be acknowledged and feel special!

This acknowledgment of others can be achieved through personalized and specific comments and gestures.

Personalization basically shows the other side that you care about THEM, and you know what happens next?

The basics of networking shows that when you give- you receive. Let others feel special and they will remember you better and will treat you the same way!


It’s All About The Relationships

Here are a few ways to get personal online:

1) Plan your communication
Decide who are the people you would like to get closer to, and focus on strengthening your online relationships with them.

2) Personalize your first Connection
When you initiate a connection or friend request, make sure to write a short personalized note, Write something nice and specific about the person, even a small compliment that will surely differ you from many others.

3) Use the person’s name
People love hearing their own name. There is no better sound to our ears than hearing our names and doing so, is a way to show someone that we are focusing our attention on him or her, respect, and find interest in him or her.

4) Send personal messages
Communicate with the person through personal messages. Make your chats personal, not just “how are you” message. Remember that you should aim to accumulate online interactions that in each you will be remembered positively.

5) Tag people in your comments
If you want to make a comment about someone or refer to someone publicly, tag his or her name so they will surely see that you are approaching specifically to them.

6) Share the person’s posts
Don’t you just love when people share the posts you have initiated? When you share someone else’s post add your own supportive line to pay a personal respect. You can write – “thank you for sharing “name”!” Or- “my friend “name” wrote this useful article about…”

7) Share useful info personally
In your social network activity routine you get exposed to a lot of information.  Make it a habit to scan your mind and try to attach pieces of info to people who will find it useful. Then, share the info through a personal message and write- ” I thought you may find interest in this article..” Wow the impact is amazing- this is as personal and as thoughtful as it gets online!

8) Repeat the person’s words
A great way to show specific interest in someone is to repeat after someone’s words. On public discussions or personal messages refer to something the person wrote, quote it and make your comment about it.

Now I want to hear from you- I am sure you have some tricks up your sleeves!

Tell me how you make other people notice you online? How do you maintain your online relationships with others?

I want to thank you Personally for being here and for your comments!




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