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Authentic Networking Bootcamp!

You will learn, step by step, how to grow your business through the

power of authentic relationships and create a supportive network of

friends around you that are here to help you succeed!


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Create your dream network: Increase
revenue and influence


During the bootcamp course, you will create your dream network.

You will get all the guidance, tactics and support to work

toward growing your network authentically and strategically

with the right people for you, and strengthening current

relationships to drive collaboration, help, and results!


I will teach you
"The 5 Pillars of Flourishing Networking"™
method I’ve developed:


    Image management

     You’ll get to define your authentic self so you will always network without compromising who you are! Craft your online and offline image, along with your personal pitch





    Networking strategy

    Discover who can help you achieve your goals and where to find him/ her so you can network efficiently and in a focused way.





    Sharpen the “human touch”, get your authentic interpersonal skills to the next level, and learn how to connect with almost anyone, what moves people, how to break the ice authentically, and more!




    Build relationships

    Interpersonal skills to cultivate long-term relationships authentically, and how to systematise it and let it work for you.





    Discover how to harness your network friends to help you, your friends and a greater cause.


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Gali Daniel

“Lirone’s course opened my eyes to new ways of networking. It changed how I view networking event and mainly my actions. I implemented her methods and thanks to that I attracted and met new great clients to my business! Important course for any business owner!”

Gali Daniel Optometrist
Vik Sasi

“What I like about Lirone’s coaching style is the fact she understands her audience’s needs and provides practical tools and simulations that helps the audience relate to the topic and understand better through practice”

Vik Sasi Product Engineer at HP -Indigo

Who am I?


Hi, I'm Lirone Glikman, a business networking coach, international speaker & blogger.

I guide business owners, entrepreneurs, start-up founders and career-oriented people around the world to achieve their goals through authentic creation and management of their business relationships and improvement of their communication skills.

I've developed "The 5 Pillars of Flourishing Networking" method, which I’ve already taught to more than a thousand people

In my coaching, talks, workshops and writings, I provide practical tools and techniques that fit to my students’ authentic selves and that they can start implementing right away- with dedication to your success, a lot of good energy and a big smile!

I look forward to working with you!


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