Copy of How to use LinkedIn to network and grow (1)As a team member at Startup Grind Tel Aviv chapter, (the biggest global entrepreneurship community, powered by Google for entrepreneurs)
I get to meet fascinating people, learn from their own experience,
and write about their insights on Startup Grind’s blog.

This time I was honored to meet  with Yoel Cheshin, the founder and chairman of 2B Angels, a venture capital group based in Israel, and also a philosopher with an unusual life story.

Yoel’s entrepreneurship journey was born out of his investigation of the world as he knew it, and I’m thrilled to share his insights, below!

In this article you will learn:
– What the rich and famous taught Yoel about the secret to success
– The relationship between our mental power and our actions
– Yoel’s secret formula on how he decides who to invest in!


Article screenshot - Yoel Cheshin

Dedicated to your success!



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