Should a fear of rejection, shyness or being an introvert
 come between you and your dreams,
aspirations and business goals?

Do any of these look familiar?
“I don’t want to make a fool of myself.”,  “I will probably screw this one up.”
“I am embarrassed to initiate a conversation with others.”
“What if they hate me?”,  “Why would they listen to me?”
“I don’t need connections.”

I have good news and bad news for you:
The good news: This is so natural! Most of the world’s population experiences this fear of rejection or shyness at a certain level.
The bad news: If you will let these feelings rule your life, you most likely struggle to succeed and achieving your dreams, goals and mission in this world.

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How to overcome fear and shyness in networking

You have a mission, business and goals, and you should go out there and network your way to success, in the way that works best for you.
This article series will provide you with many tools and techniques to overcome that fear of rejection and combat that shyness.

Most importantly, these articles will help you handle it in the way that best fits your personality and you can choose the method you feel most comfortable with.

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