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"Lirone walk her talk"

"Lirone's professionalism can be observed throughout every single process she undertakes. Her networking knowledge, attitude and ethics speak for themselves and I know this from a personal experience."

-- Shameer Shah, Founder of

"She is a professional"

"Lirone is a professional: she was very focused in constructing methods and practical techniques that enhanced our entrepreneurs’ understanding, and she draw a path to achieving their goals through the proper management and creation of business relationships."

-- Amos Avner, International Director at StarTau. (Tel Aviv university entrepreneurship organisation)

"Generous and supportive"

"Lirone has so much knowledge and value to give, and is a truly generous and supportive person who not only sincerely wants to help people, she has the skills and knowledge to do so."

-- Sarah Davidson, CEO at Spark Your Profits


"Profound effect on my networking"

"I can say that Lirone Glikman’s teachings and advice has already had a profound effect on my networking. Lirone is a rare gem that’s hard to come across these days. I highly recommend Lirone for all your business networking needs."

-- Matthew Shay, Business developer / entrepreneur

"Natural netwoker"

"I was particularly impressed by Lirone's ability to approach new people & companies and connecting them for a win-win situations, it seemed to come perfectly naturally to her."


-- Morad Stern, Biz Dev & Innovation Manager at The Israeli Internet Society

"She fuelled me to go out there and do it"

Building authentic relationships in order to achieve your goals is a genius approach that works! Learning this skill from Lirone, and hearing her enthusiasm and true passion for netwokring,  pumped me to go out there and do it! It was exactly what I needed to learn!

-- Jonathan Muehlstein, Founder at Ariel Collage entrepreneurship club

"She's shown me the value of networking"

"Lirone really walks her talk as she comes from the heart and what you see is what you get. Her expertise has been invaluable and she's shown me the value of networking for business growth and I've been able to use what I learnt and turn it into money/clients"

-- Mary Joyce, "The Resources Queen"


"Hands on techniques"

"The students were fascinated by Lirone's lecture about how to work the room for results at networking events. She provided hands on techniques and made the path to network in order to achieve your goals clear, she was terrific."

-- Yuval Klein, Chairman of Student Union Real Estate Club - IDC Herzliya


"Understands her audience’s needs"

"What I like about Lirone’s coaching style is the fact she understands her audience’s needs and provides practical tools and simulations that helps the audience relate to the topic and understand better through practice"

-- Vik Sasi, Product Engineer at HP -Indigo


"Transforms her industry"

"I am excited to see how Lirone transforms her industry using her brand and business savvy"

-- Chi Chi Okezie, Owner of SIMPLEnetworking


"Put networking in order"

"In such hectic networking environment, where getting connected seem so reachable and yet, so tricky, Mrs. Glikman's lecture put the networking session in an order, with a few simple steps and great examples, and doing much sense to it all"

-- Zohar Rom, Entrepreneur


"I discovered new ways of networking"

"Lirone's course opened my eyes to new ways of networking. It changed how I view networking event and mainly my actions. I implemented her methods and thanks to that I attracted and met new great clients to my business! Important course for any business owner!"

-- Gali Daniel, Optometrist


"Lirone is a networking Know how"

Based on her know how vast experience, Lirone provided me with practical tools to be used before, during and after networking events, in order to achieve business goals. Now I am more aware about planning, things to do and things to avoid during networking events

-- Yuval Vered, System Engineer & Innovation Consultant