how to remember people's names-“How can I remember other people’s names?”
This is one of the most common questions people ask me!

So… I decided to give you a video crash course with winning methods to remember people’s names!

Do people find it easy to remember your name?
Please email back with your answer.

I have so many funny stories about people trying to remember my name,  as my name is only common in Israel.

One of the most memorable stories about my name  happened when I lived in Sydney, Australia.

Since it was so hard for people to get my name and due to my Israeli background,
my friends “gave up” on me.

They had a nickname for me,
one that was easy for them to remember and relate to me….

This name was so catchy that people thought it was my real name.
Even today they call me this…

(and if you were to call me Sniper, I’ll probably answer automatically)

Why do people find it so hard to remember names?

It’s because in many cases there’s no relationship between a name and a person!
It’s up to us to create this relationship so we remember to match the name ‘John’ with a person’s face.
(For example: “Sniper” had a direct relationship to me as the “Israeli girl” so that’s why it was easy for people to relate it to me.)

So in this week’s fun video blog I gathered six powerful ways to help you remember other people’s names.

Click on the video below to learn how to remember people’s names!

Click to Tweet! “A person’s name is the sweetest sound for him.” – Dale Carnegie

Our names are the most familiar sound to us!

We feel good when we hear our name.

When someone uses our name, he or she acknowledges us and who we are.

That is why stating someone’s name is powerful when building business relationships!

Now I want to hear from you!
Tell me about your methods to remember people’s names.
Which of my tactics did you find useful, and why?

I look forward to getting your comments and stories…


Lirone,  x

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