Row your business to successDo you remember the last time you went on a kayak or a little boat?

You sat in it, by yourself or with another partner; you took the oar in your hands
, and started rowing.

You dipped its right side in the water and pushed it back, and then you dipped the left side in the water and pushed harder, right, left, right, left, and so on.

Suddenly you started moving ahead! The safe land was getting farther and farther away from you as you kept on rowing.

When you looked straight ahead, all you saw was blue water and blue sky.

No clear path
, no certainty that the water will stay still and calm and the wind won’t start blowing harder and bring a storm with it.

You were rowing without knowing what was going right now underneath your boat, in the sea-life kingdom.

This is the point where you must constantly navigate your boat to the place you want to go, create your own path in the water and resist the sea’s currents and waves.

You need to learn how to use the circumstances to your advantage; find out how to use the wind to sail faster, how to catch fish to fuel your body and get pumped and energized, every time you watch the sun rise.

Learn how to read the map and locate the nearest island to sleep at night or even concur, and stick your flag in it to state that it’s yours!

You must find more people to share thoughts, experiences and wisdoms about the journey ahead, and collaborate in order to survive and of course succeed and reach your destination!

You may have many small and near destinations or one big and far, it doesn’t matter that much.

What matters is the journey: the learning and growing process, the abilities and tools you will acquire, the mental strength you will develop, and the friends you will meet along the way. All of these and more will come to your advantage as you row towards your destination!

The journey will make you ready and deserve the big success that is coming your way!


I would like to wish you a successful and prosperous journey in 2014!

It is my pleasure to accompany you and be your friend and guide in developing better business relationships that will help you reach your success.

So get your boat in the water… 2014 – Off we go!


Lirone Glikman.

>>Inspired by Roy “Jinji” Sadan, a dreamer and fulfiller who cycled the world, and now is preparing to 
break a Guinness world record by kayaking the western coasts of northern America.


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