The Best Advice I Ever GotRecently Linkedin published a mind-blowing project, “The Lessons (and People) That Changed the Top Minds in Business”, which canbe found–  here.
In this project Linkedin gathered top 70 business people, entrepreneurs and influential people who shared the best advice they got, that led them to their success.

In our everyday lives, while business networking or doing business and such we encounter all sorts of situations that we need to overcome. Sometimes a good advice from a friend or a successful role model can change the course of events for the best.

Thankfully, as business networkers our activity can provide us with great knowledge and many lessons, along with the right experts friends on our side, to advise us on a certain situation. Our networking activity also sharpens our interpersonal skills and general knowledge, and as a result we gain experience to advice others or even ourselves!

Reading what drove people I admire to their success definitely motivated me;

Sir Richard Branson’s best advice is, “No regrets and practice what you preach”, Deepak Chopra’s best advice is “success comes from self-power”, and many more.

As I was trying to absorb every word of wisdom, I started thinking about the best advice I ever got and who inspired me to make decisions and act… and it wasn’t easy to pinpoint only a special single one I am telling you!

My mom advised me to be optimistic in life, like she always was. Anthony Robbins advised me, on his tapes of course, to never give up on fulfilling my dreams. And sometimes I even harnessed my knowledge and gave myself the best advice.

I came to realize that “advice” has a vast meaning: to be honest, sometimes it can even be a tricky one!

According to the ‘Online Dictionary‘, Advice can be an opinion about what could or should be done about a situation or problem, that is usually given by someone we know. Advice can also be formal notification of facts, when communicated from a distance, information, news.

People tend to give us advices whether we ask for it or not. A good piece of advice can solve our problem or open our mind to a whole new world. Advice can make you feel good about yourself and approve your take on the subject.

Bad advice can harm you but at the same time it can also motivate you to prove it wrong! A close friend can give you the worst advice ever and a total stranger can change your life forever with his.

On top of all that, we need to use our judgement and separate right from wrong advices.


The Three Levels of Advice

In my life, I see Three levels of advices where each type has a different strength and benefits me in a different way:

The Spiritual Advice:
You know this uplifting feeling a single written sentence or a quote can arouse in you. You get this stream of motivation, and you know this sentence was sent to you right on time!

The spiritual advice is a fact, quote, article or any inspiring or enlightening information you get from a role model of yours or someone you admire and don’t know personally, just like the aforementioned Linkedin project. Getting to “pick these successful people’s minds” and learn from their winning experience is a great motivator! Even though we don’t know them personally their advice influences us and drives us to live in the same winning format.

The Down To Earth Advice:
Who do you turn to when you need advice? Who is there for you to give you the best advice on the matter? Who knows you enough and understands the topic as well?

Your friends, colleagues, network friend, family member, and the like, give this type of advice to you. This advice, or their opinion, is customized to your needs and usually comes with a discussion about the matter.  The discussion can help both of you to reflect on the issue and understand it better. That leads the adviser to base his answer on your private story and on his impression of you.  Eventually you get a customized advice that is based on the topic and on your personal needs in this situation.

The Deep Advice
During our lifetime we learn so much every day. As the time goes by our instincts sharpens and our understanding and ability to solve issues gets better and better. That is why this advice is based on You!

This advice type represents our intuition, I believe that deep inside we have all the answers and the best advice that suits our needs only if we learn to listen to our souls. As entrepreneurs or business owners. managers and the like, we own our independent thinking and should eventually listen to our instincts and inner voice advices. It really knows what is best for each of us.


The Most Important Thing To Remember About Advices

Every type of advice benefits us in a different way and knowing how to detect each type will help us to get more effective in our “go or no go” final decision:

The spiritual – motivates us to act like other successful people, and learn from their life approach and actions.

The down to earth – provides us with personal advice that suits our case, given to us by someone we know and represents his or her point of view about the matter.

and the Deep – direct us to our true destiny by advising ourselves to do what our soul believe is right for us.

But eventually – do you know what is the most important thing to remember about advices?
If you won’t act upon them – they will have no meaning at all!
You should decide if the given advice is right for you, and if so, choose to follow through and incorporate it into your life!
Act upon it and live it in order to enjoy its fruits.

And that is definitely the best advice I ever got!

I am sureLinkedin project will give you a whole bunch of amazing advices that will excite you the same as I am.

And please, if you like them, do them!


Which advice did you like the most? Share it with me!

All my Love,



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