The ultimate way to giveGiving is an action that can come in different amounts, sizes and shapes.

As a networker who wishes to form and maintain relationships, and of course as a human being, giving to others is a part of our lives.

Giving is something every person can do, no matter the amount of resources and power he or she has.

Most of all, giving in all its shapes is an action that is mutually beneficial, as both the receiver and the giver gain enjoyment from it! (Sometimes the giver enjoys even more!)


Eight levels of giving

Recently, I encountered the writings of Maimonides, a famous rabbi from the 1100s.

Maimonides formulated a list of eight levels of giving to those in need, correlating to the degree to which the giver is sensitive to the needs and feelings of the recipient. Here are the levels:

8– Giving grudgingly, with a sour countenance.

7– Giving less than you can afford, but doing so pleasantly.

6– Giving generously, but only after being asked.

5– Giving before you are asked.

4– The receiver knows the giver, but the giver does not know the receiver.

3– The giver knows the receiver, but the receiver does not know the giver.

2– Giving anonymously, where the receiver does not know the giver and vice versa.

1 Helping someone become self-sufficient. 

Every level of giving is acceptable and important.
However, the rabbi stated that the first level of giving holds a blessing in it: those who give others the ability to hold themselves will succeed in their business and life.


Helping others help themselves

Zig Ziegler once said, “If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.”

Sound familiar? I guess this is an immortal concept that was as appropriate 900 years ago as it is today!

Now, how can each and every one of us use this concept in our own lives?
As networkers and professionals, we often get the chance to assist others by strengthening them until they can handle things by themselves.

For example:

Helping someone get a job, or entering into a partnership with someone, can potentially enable the person to hold himself financially and perfect his or her skills for future promotion and progress.

Motivating and believing in someone, and providing verbal encouragement on a regular basis, can drive a person to new levels of success.

Teaching someone how to master a skill, machine or a tool can potentially help him or her establish themselves in business and take control over their lives,
and so on.

So the next time you get the chance to either connect people, expose them to new opportunities, provide them with valuable information or share your knowledge with them, remember to make sure they will be able to use what you give to their benefit and development.

Karma works… What goes around comes around!


With great pleasure and passion to provide you with top tools for business networking,

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