Useful “exit tactics” to end a conversation at networking eventsOne of the most common questions about networking events is how to end a conversation with someone and move on to work the rest of the room.

Some people you speak with at networking events has the sensitivity to understand when the conversation is about to end, and then at that time both of you will thank one another and move on.

That being said, you can’t expect every person to know when you had enough and wish to move on and in many cases you need to find the right way to do it.

You have probably been to those situations where the person in front of you just talks and talks and talks… like you are not in a networking event. Or sometimes you are really stressed with time or you are looking for someone specific at the event and just need to end your current conversation. This is when a special “exit tactic” has to take place!


Don’t Burn Bridges

At networking events you usually meet with many people. You should always remember that some of them have the ability to assist you in some way and you may also be able to help them. Even if you encounter someone you really don’t want to talk with – don’t burn bridges.
To do it right, any “exit tactic” you use has to consider four ground rules:

Be respectful – Anything you may say has to respect the other person.

Leave the other person with a “good taste”Aim to leave the person with a good feeling about you. Say “thank you” or even give a small compliment so the conversation will end in good vibes.

Stand behind your words– Don’t say things you can’t fulfil. If you say you are going to the restrooms- do that, if you say you will contact him or her later on to set a meeting- than do it. Your name and reputation doesn’t need to be damaged only because you wanted to exit a conversation, does it?

Be RelaxedIt’s not a biggy,” as they say if you decide to leave a conversation. Just stay calm and relax and say what you want to say in the appropriate way, and leave.


Useful Sentences To Leave A Conversation

Here is a collection of useful sentences and tactics you can use easily in order to leave a conversation in the right way:

“Thank you “Name”, this chat was very interesting and we will be in touch!”

“Your specialities are interesting; I will further explore your website and will contact you. Thank you and goodbye for now.”

“If you don’t mind I will keep on mingling, this is the rules of the event ”

“Good, so let me know how can I help you, OK? Bye.”

“Do you have a business card? This is mine; let’s stay in touch. Thank you; bye, bye.”

“If you will excuse me, my time here is limited so I better move on. It was great talking to you”.

“It was an absolute pleasure meeting you! Thank you. If you don’t mind I need to talk to another colleague of mine so I have to go now, bye.”

“How do u find the people at this event so far? Did you see someone that does XXX and may be relevant to me?” Or – “Did you see anyone here from X industry you can introduce me to?”If the answer is Yes- ask for an introduction, if No- say you will keep on looking and leave.

If someone you know comes and say hello to you, you can introduce him to the person you are speaking with. When they start talking to one another, you can say: “I will leave you to get acquainted”, Or “I will leave you together there is someone I want to talk to”.

There is an interesting lecture right now in the lectures hall and I don’t want to miss it” and go to the lecture hall.

“If you don’t mind, I could really use something to drink; it was great talking to you. Bye for now.” And go to drink.

“I’m sorry I see a friend that I want to talk with, it was great getting to know you.” 

“I learnt a lot of interesting information from you, it was kind of you to share. Thank you and bye.”

When there is a break at the conversation, (and also if not) smile and give your hand out to shake the other person hands in an assertive way. Look at the other person’s eyes and say:
“Thank you!”
 and go. Or: “I’d like to meet with you, so we will be in touch later on. Goodbye for now.” Set the ground for your next meeting and leave.

“Do you know where the restrooms are? So excuse me…” Go there so you will be reliable.

“I am sorry there is a professional I promised to catch at this event so I have to go look for him. Thank you”.

If you are going to an event with another colleague, make an agreement to get one another out of these types of situations by a certain sign you’ve previously agreed on.

“Was great talking to you, we will be in touch. Excuse me as I will keep on mingling here.”

I am eager to hear your tactics and sentences, please share them in the comment section below…

Now, it’s my time to “exit.”
Until next week…





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