Networking is about relationships. Relationships are

about connecting with other people and making both

sides like and find interest in one another. Learn how to

do it in this article series

How come some people connect to others better than the rest?
How can you make someone find interest in you?
How can you form an instant bond with a total stranger?

You can learn it. In fact, you may be already doing it yourself!

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You can connect with almost anybody, easily!

As humans, there are some behaviour patterns that make us all tick naturally. This article series will teach you how to tap into those natural, embedded behaviours we all respond to, and become a person who can connect to anybody. But remember, it only works when it’s real…

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Why common ground is a connecting glue

Common ground is the best tactic to connect with others fast!
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How to maintain a hot online reputation and attract more success

Your online image represents you 24/7, so pay it the proper amount of time and respect.
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Initiating small talk? Here are some deal-breakers to avoid

Some words are better left unsaid when forming a relationship with someone you don’t know that well.
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