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 Can you believe we’re in the middle of December 2014?

2015 is almost here, and as Oprah said,

“Another chance for us to get it right” is just around the corner…

A new year for me means new opportunities and success that can be achieved through our professional networks.

But who are the people we should maintain and strengthen our relationships with?

In order to get all the good that our network can give us, we should define the following:

Who are the important people in our network? How can we detect them and maintain relationships with them way before we need their help?

I get asked this question a lot.

It is helpful to stop and think about the people in your life, and especially the people in your business network.

I’m sure you meet with so many new people in your daily business routine,

at social events, and on LinkedIn and other online platforms.


Amongst all those, who are the people you should keep close to you?

And which potentially have the power to help you achieve your goals in the following year?

Which ones could you potentially help as well?

The answer is in this week’s video – Watch It!


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I can tell you that there is no right or wrong here,

but there are guidelines that can help you decide who

are the strategic or important people you want to keep in touch with.


In this week’s video,

I will guide you to create your list of important people in your network.


Those people are the ones you should strengthen relationships with now in 2014,

through holiday cards and New years’ greetings,

and not wait until next year to be in touch with them again.


Now it’s your turn to share your comments:

How do you keep in touch with important people in your network?


Network your way to success!




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