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Hi there,

How are you?

The meaning of all this “networking” for you is…

In the last few days I shared with you common problems,
and my top techniques, methods,
tricks and solutions

to help you grow your business out of networking events.

But why should you?!?

The meaning of all this is to give you the tools
to connect with the right people
that have the ability to help you 
and create authentic long term relationship with them!

Those people will remember you,
want to benefit and help you.

And this is how you can achieve your
business goals through relationships.

I already shared
The common mistakes and limitations that
prevents from networking events results

-And the 2 rules you should follow
to grow your business relationships


There is one missing component to make it work:
This component is Synergy.

How to create synergy with all of these
networking steps and information we went through:

>> How do I find the right customers for me?

>> How do I communicate in the best way and create trust
with a person who was a stranger two minutes ago?

>> How do I systematize my communication to build relationships
over time and make it part of my routine?


The right synergy lies in a networking action plan


The big challenge for many people
is how to combine all those skills

and network in a way that eventually
builds connections smartly and get results,
and translate that into money and business needs.

I’m about to share my networking action plan
just like I share it in my *new* online course –
“Become an event’s networKING”.


What does it actually mean – being a “networker”?

When you are a networker, you:

1. know what your business goals are and who you need to meet in order to achieve them

2. know how to work every event confidently and focus on the results you want to achieve

3. know how to spot the right people for you within a sea of people

4. understand what makes people tick and your own strengths, so it’s easy for you to create good a rapport and a good first impression, and connect naturally and authentically with almost anyone you meet with

5. know how to cultivate and nourish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships

6. feel meaningful, and you know that you contribute to any person you meet

7. and know you can achieve any goal through the power of people as you unlocked that secret!


This is the action plan that can help you become a pro networker:


1 First step to succeed at networking: Know Your Goals!

*  Create a “networking plan” to gain business advantages (Define who to network with)

* Discover who your “networking goals,” are,  the people who can help you

* Determine where to meet the people that can help boost your business


2 Before any event: The secret to network for results

* Harness personal confidence before any event by preparing for it

* Craft your secret weapon at any event:  your event’s work plan

* Craft an irresistible personal pitch!

* Tune in the right mindset to interact meaningfully and successfully


3. Time to net-WORK to success at the event!

* Locate and connect with the right people for you during the event

* Break the ice authentically your way with strangers

* Use small talk to gain big business results

* Know what not to say. Small Talk Deal Breakers


4. Smart follow-up to build relationships

* Follow up follow up follow up (Don’t make the mistake most people do!)

* Build relationships with the right people for you

*  Act and connect right after any event to get the relationship starting

* Systematise the way you keep in touch and cultivate long-term relationships

* Get your network friends to help you when you need them


This action plan, when executed,
will help you get the most out of any networking event.

In my course I teach this plan as a step-by-step guide,
and after you learn it, any networking event
won’t look the same as your past ones!

But that’s not all-

I appreciate you and want to give you more!

As someone who’s been following me for a while

I cherish this opportunity to let you learn this action plan
so you could grow your business confidently through relationships.

As always, I’m dedicated to giving you more!

This is why you are one of the first people
to know about my course,
“Become an event’s networKING”

and I would like to give you a gift:

a special discounted price for you!

Since I don’t want to overload you with too much information today,
I’ll share the actual course details with you tomorrow.

I hope you gained much networking value from this email series in the last few days!






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